ALCB Fund's investment in SOLEA helps answer the ills of the Ivorian cocoa supply chain

In 2023, the ALCB Fund invested in the first bond local currency issuance of Société de Logistique et d’Exploitation Agricole (SOLEA), an Ivorian cocoa producer and semi-finished chocolate products manufacturer. The Fund anchored the issuance, allowing SOLEA to crowd in local investors to the bond.

This local currency funding was used to support upstream expansion of the company's business, creating additional value within the Ivorian cocoa supply chain. It is also helping answer the existing ills of the cocoa supply chain, such as deforestation, child labour, lack of gender parity and supply chain transparency.

Since the bond issuance, SOLEA has continued to progress on its growth efforts and capitalise on exciting opportunities in the sector. We are proud of SOLEA’s progress and motivation to deliver more value to stakeholders, grow in a social and environmentally responsible manner, and contribute to the Ivorian economy.  

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